Planet Type: Spherical Water body
Planet Size: Size C (350 miles across)
Escape Time: Twenty minutes
Satellites: Two Moons (A’taros & Coal)
Day Length: Fifteen Hours
Year Length Three Months
Population: Ocean Giants, Kuo-Toa, Merfolk, & Sahuagin

Climate and Features

Tura’troparos is a beautiful Caribbean blue world about 350 miles across and dotted with hundreds of islands that possess amazing white sand beaches and incredibly lush tropical forests. The climate is generally hot and humid owing to the planet’s proximity to the Shiftstar, and the surface is pounded by tremendous storms that are the result of the relatively few surface features (compared to other worlds) that would otherwise act to dissipate some of the energy of the storms. Its oceans run deep and host a truly amazing abundance of aquatic life.


This world’s dominant intelligent life form are the ocean giants. These amphibious giants have both a bipedal land form and a seaform more akin to the merfolk who share the waters of this world. The ocean giants build magnificent underwater mansions that can usually be found near barrier reefs as well as surface farms that can be found on any number of islands. They have little contact with Spelljamming crews, preferring to let the merfolk deal with offworlders.

The Merfolk have built vast, well defended cities beneath the waves, and welcome trade with spelljammers, eager to hear tales of the worlds beyond their own. The merfolk have peaceful relations with the ocean giants, but hold constant vigil against the Kuo-Toa and Sahuagin tribes that constantly war with the merfolk and each other for “dominance” of the watery paradise.


Spelljammers usually arrive on Tura’troparos to refresh their atmospheres as wel as take on fresh food and water supplies. The Merfolk trade not only in what they claim to be the best seafood in the sphere, but also in handcrafted arts and the shells of massive deep sea creatures hunted by the ocean giants. While most Merfolk accept in trade finished metal goods (rarely in coins, as they have little practicle use beneath the waves) there are a few Merfolk who will trade a ship a month’s food supplies for a well spun tale of life among the stars.

There are a small number of mansions kept on Tura’troparos by the wealthiest inhabitants of the sphere, who must be able to affoard to protect these manors against both the elements and the threat of attack by Kuo-Toa and Sahuagin forces.

Points of Interest

The Coral Spire – A beautiful tower composed of coral juts out of the ocean waves near the planet’s equator, the narrow cone flares out near the sea, housing most of the few “dry” accommodations on the planet for visitors, as well as a covered port for spelljamming vessles to dock safely away from the worst of the planet’s storms. The signal fire that always burns at its peak beckons spelljamming vessels to land and trade with the Merfolk city below.
The Polar Temple – This strange structure sits at the northernmost pole and because of the world’s tilt, is in near constant night. The structure is buried almost completely in the ice of the world’s only real glacier and it is a mystery as to who or what built the place, the region is far too cold to support the any of the known inhabitants of the world.


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