Core Rule Changes

Significant Revision to Core Rules

Full attacking and Flurry of blows are now standard actions.
If you move more than 5ft and up to your full move you take a -2 to hit on all
Iterative attacks that round (attacks after the first in a full attack action or
flurry of blows, but not attacks of opportunity made that round.)
(This is an experiment that I’m conducting. I don’t believe it will unbalance the game.)
Pounce is an exception to this. It allows a full attack without the -2 movement penalty when used.
Knowledge (Psionics) is now folded into Knowledge (Arcana).

Everybody Gets One

Once per session every player gets one reroll that may be used on any die or dice they just rolled. (to-hit, damage, saves, etc.) They have to stick with the second roll

Hero Points: This game will be using the “hero points” optional rule from from the APG (Advanced Player’s Guide).
In addition to the uses of hero points in the APG a hero point may be used to “Hasten Infusion” as per the use of action points on page 46 of the Eberron Campaign setting.
The Players will begin play with 2 hero points instead of the normal 1. In addition the normal cap on hero points is 4 instead of 3.
The Feat Hero’s Fortune raises the maximum number of hero points from 4 to 7. The abilities that various PrCs get to raise their action point caps stack with Hero’s Fortune.
Traits: This game will be using the Trait optional rules found in the APG p326.
You can choose two traits, no more than one from any category.

Core Rule Changes

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