• Characters are built using 25 point buy if the class they’ve chosen to play isn’t on the “MAD list” If the class (or archetype) the player wishes to play is on the “MAD list” the player builds using 28 point buy. (PFRPG 16). No more than one stat may be lowered below 9.
  • Characters start at level 2.
  • Starting Wealth is 1150gp for non-MAD characters and 1000gp for MAD. No more than 500gp in any single item. (This does not count the things that a character gets automatically, such as the free set of clothes or the Wizard’s starting spellbook.) The trait “Rich Parents” adds 900gp to the total (if you feel the need to burn a trait for extra gold.)
  • No Evil alignments (and I would consider it a big favor if your character wasn’t chaotic neutral.)

Hit Points: Hit dice are max at first and second level (as this campaign will be starting at second level) and at all other levels if you may take the die roll or the average result for the die (d6=4, d8=5, d10=6, d12=7). You may decide after the roll. No rerolls otherwise.
(I’m just changing how they’re rolled here. You still get your con modifier and any from feats or favored class levels as normal.)

The “MAD” List
MAD stands for Multiple Ability Dependent, essentially it means that, unlike a wizard (who only really needs to focus on Int) a class requires four or more decent stats to preform its role successfully.
The list is:
Fighter (two-Weapon Warrior)
Summoner (Synthesist)

Pre-Approved Books
When putting your character together the following books are allowed.
Pathfinder Core Book
Advanced Player’s Guide
Ultimate Magic
[Ultimate Combat is a go. Updates/changes/GM rulings pending]
Psionics Unleashed
Skortched Urf’ Studios Fantasy Firearms
Skortched Urf’ Studios Fantasy Firearms II – Reloaded
Super Genius Games: Genius guide to The Godling
Super Genius Games: Genius guide to The Mystic Godling
Super Genius Games: Genius guide to The Time Thief
Super Genius Games: Genius guide to The Time Warden
Super Genius Games: Ultimate Options – Magus Arcana
Super Genius Games: #1 with a Bullet Point – 10 feats of Hammer and Thunder

(This list not declared from on high. If there’s something you want to use from a book not on this list I am open to discussing it.)


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