Declan Galligan

Slightly Mad Man-at-Arms aboard The Tireless Wanderer


It takes most people a few seconds to form an opinion about Declan Galligan, and a few months to really get to know him. This wild eyed spacer has obviously been on the receiving end of more than one Illithid mind blast, but the fact that he’s still standing today is a testament to either his prowess in battle or the uncanny luck he seems to display.

Never far from either his trusty shield (which he gnaws on before, during, and after battle “Ta’ dishearten the enemy!”) and his lucky cannonball, which he claims “has saved my life at least three times and I’ve ridden ’er into battle at least twice.” No one seems to question the mechanics of the feat, at least, not within earshot.

Reguardless of his faults, Declan is a fine spacer and a loyal, if intense friend.

Declan Galligan

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